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Adapting Your Business Model in “Unprecedented Times”

The word “unprecedented” has been bantered about quite frequently lately. I feel compelled to ask…is the era we are in unprecedented? It is unprecedented for most living people, yes, that is true. We have never faced anything so robust as to challenge the entire framework in which we live our lives. History tells us that…  Read more

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100 Years of Open Houses

As we began building an entire app around the idea of Open Houses, obviously we have been eager to hear from the experts about how this almost 100-year-old practice works for them!

Taking Care of Business

As real estate agents/business owners, you are most likely familiar with the growing pains that come with starting a business. Many questions arise and you hope you’ve selected the right answer at every turn: what technology should you use to keep yourself organized, how do you build a team or list of resources, how will…

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